The Pearl Universal printers are unique in their ability to process multiple types of materials on one platform. The highest possible processing speeds are achieved using the black nylon 11 & nylon 12 materials – typically orders of magnitude faster than FDM printers.

NBUILD is pioneering in the use of carbon and glass fiber composites in high speed 3D printing. These materials have unique properties in that they are up to 8X the strength of the polymers alone, yet are still flexible. In addition, they expand the limits of what can be made with 3D printing. For example, typical nylon 12 limits minimum thickness parts to 0.6mm. The nylon 12 carbon fiber composite can be printed down to a single layer of 0.15mm in the z plane. The resulting material is strong, flexible, and light weight.

Use glass fiber filled nylon 12 for objects which need to be later dyed to other colors. Glass fiber filling is almost as strong as carbon fiber, slightly lower cost, and can be colored with post process dying.

PEEK is a an FDA approved food safe material that is stronger than nylon, and can withstand temperatures up to 150C, making it ideal for products which need to withstand higher temperatures such as boiling water. PEEK carbon composites are the strongest polymer materials we currently offer.

NBUILD is currently offering powders for processing metals in a single step. We are currently offering powders in stainless steel & titanium. Metals must be processed in an inert atmosphere, typically argon. The Pearl printers come with an oxygen sensor and will not start processing until oxygen levels reach safe processing levels.
Metals also require sprues – in general several mm thick connectors which tie the object to be built with a detachable metal base in the cartridge. These prevent the part from warping, especially for thin structures without supporting members. The part must be cut from the sprues, typically with a band saw.


  • S High-grade steels including stainless, Aluminum alloys
, Nickel-base alloys, Titanium alloys, Pure titanium
, Precious-metal alloys


  • Nylon 11, nylon 12, black or white, PEEK


  • Nylon 11, nylon 12, or PEEK
  • Glass or carbon fiber