Test Parts

Test parts. Various materials.

From upper left going right & then down:

Meta diamond in nylon 12 grey/black – 1% density, high strength using diamond lattice
Carbon fiber/nylon 12 wing with aileron & control horn – 0.35mm thickness – ultra light yet stiff & strong
Glass frames in Carbon fiber/nylon 12
Test box including hole test down to 0.5mm in 0.5mm wall
X bracket in nylon 11 black with threads in model (bolt not 3D printed)
Blue Bear charms & nautilus earrings in nylon 12 grey/black
Chain in nylon 12 grey/black
Navajo Water symbol medallion in nylon 11
Spring in Carbon fiber/nylon 12
Flexible sheet 0.15mm thickness Carbon fiber/nylon 12 – very strong but very flexible
Chain/ribbon minimum size attempt in nylon 12 grey/black – 0.2mm holes visible
Nautilus earrings in nylon 12 grey/black

Note- several models generated prior to correction of 0.3mm y wobble.

All models Copyright (C) 2014 Tom Rust & Jean Woo