Acousticup made by Custom Power Solar:

Volume: 50 cm3
Fit: 28 per 200x200x150mm build volume
Volume efficiency (object volume/build space volume): 50%
Time to build with 100w laser: 11hr
Time to build on Makerbot Replicator (similar build volume): 4.5h ea, total 126 hr
Speed factor: 11.4X

Note: Replicator cannot reproduce features below .3mm due to nozzle size.

NBUILD Pearl Model A can produce features down to 0.05mm (typical operating mode is 0.1mm)

Raw material cost per acousticup – $3.76
Total raw material cost $105.28
Cost charged by Shapeways each – $35.00
Equivalent value of product @ Shapeways costs – $980

Example Consumer Products 3D Printable on Pearl Printer:

Phone cases
Chargerphone cases
Glasses frames
Key chains