Pearl Specifications



  • Build volume: 190x190x150mm – Model A
  • Build volume: 350x190x150mm – Model B
  • Laser Power: 100w standard, 200w option
  • Layer thickness – programmable, typical 0.1mm
  • XY resolution – 50u
  • Write speed – plastics to 5000mm/sec w 100w laser – material/laser dependent
  • Write speed – metals to 1000mm/sec w 100w laser – material/laser dependent
  • Print bed may be heated up to 200C, or unheated for quick prototype turnaround
  • Unique dual heating system


  • Main chamber dimensions: 900mm(W) x 760mm(H) x 400mm(D)
  • Including Electronics shelf: 1300mm(W)
  • Empty weight: 25kg



  • S High-grade steels including stainless, Aluminum alloys
, Nickel-base alloys, Titanium alloys, Pure titanium
, Precious-metal alloys


  • Nylon 11, nylon 12, PEEK


  • Nylon 11, nylon 12, or PEEK
  • Glass or carbon fiber


  • High temperature, various colors.


  • Powder loading/unloading with cartridges keeps printer running continuously
  • Print bed optional unique dual heating system
  • Print bed unheated for maximum print turnaround – no wait for heat/cool cycles
  • Wifi connected – all operations controllable via wifi or LAN
  • Tablet included – systems come with a Smart Android tablet that operates system through wifi – Tablet is removable
  • Remote monitoring – system can be monitored remotely
  • Camera inside – build volume area monitored by video camera, remotely viewable
  • System can be operated & monitored by smartphone
  • Production status indicator option – Tri-color display shows status of printer
  • Raspberry Pi – main processor
  • 32Gbyte solid state storage
  • Slicing done on host computer, printer builds based on slices
  • Once printing, printer builds automatically
  • Automatic test for inert gas when needed (metals)
  • Built for add-on automation – robotic load/unload for mass production environments
  • Easy maintenance – cover & sides snap on/off for fast access